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Created by: Lester Caine, Last modification: Tue 27 of May, 2014 (07:58 UTC)

Welcome to the Model Engineers Digital Workshop

As if there was not enough work to do .... Before
Garden1 Garden2 Garden3
Starting to get on top of things in the garden ... After
Fence Repaired Barbecue Area
Not pretty but it will do a job for now and keep the dogs in. The panels have been in for many years and been painted a couple of times, so they needed replacing anyway, but I'm not going to do that till it calms down. A new fence installed only a week back down the road is just a pile of scrap now. New panels are not nearley as good as they were 20 years ago.

Must update the website a little more often! Most kits are back in stock, and we have a few new pictures on the installation gallery.

The Model Engineers Digital Workshop is the home of all things electronic for the Model Engineer. CNC drivers and interfaces along with stand alone packages such as the DivisionMaster rotary table controller and the Shumatech Digital Readout Displays form the base on which we plan to develop a more complete range of products. The next kit which needs more complete development is the Electronic Lead Screw, which needs to be packaged as a finished unit much like DivisionMaster.

We supply boards and kits for a number of well established tools for the workshop, and are building the site into a repository for all the information necessary to support that. We provide a library of the relevant data sheets on the components used in the kits, and links to other related site where supporting projects can be found.

In support of the main components, a range of smaller kits and finished assemblies allow a customer to cherry pick just the elements they need or go for a fully packaged system such as the fully CNCed Mill-in-a-box. Full support is provided to get a client to a fully working system and return to based, or on site support can be provided against evrything we provide.

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