DRO Converter

Created by: Lester Caine, Last modification: Tue 12 of Apr, 2011 (06:40 UTC)

The Conversion Dongles is the original conversion dongle used to connect to quadrature encoders, but additional variations have grown up based on that. With the increasing unavailability of the older 24BIT protocol scales, conversion options for newer scales are becoming more essential if we are to keep DRO350 based systems running. Les Jones has published a few options on in the Shumatech files area and the plan is to provide an additional PCB which will support a few of the options.

The initial prototype is designed to handle the basic 1.5V scales with BCD7 or BIN6 protocol, but it is planned that the PCB will also handle 3V scales, and generate the clock signal for the igaging style scales.

ConverterFront ConverterBack

Just need to slip the plug in header towards the bottom of the board so that it can be used in the Z axis row.