ELS System Package

Lester Caine • 01 Jan 2013 (00:00 UTC)


The ELS Controller can run a single channel self contained, but still requires power supplies to power it. Taking the CNC Driver case as a box to hold the stepper drive power supply allows the use of secondary stepper drivers for both channels, and it makes some sense that the box should allow the possibility of replacing the ELS Controller with  alternate CNC Controllers. To that end, the inclusion of a buffer for the parallel port on the driver case allows greater flexibility.

The ELS System Package consists of a self contained ELS Controller, a 2 Channel CNC Driver complete with power supply and a pair of stepper motors. All wired and ready to run. The ELS Controller has stereo jack sockets for the pulse input, limit switch, e-stop and half nut connections, and a hall effect sensor is provided for the pulse input along with a couple of cables for the addition of other features later.

A 3Nm motor for the leadscrew and a smaller 2.2Nm motor for the cross slide provide the motion. The whole package is £650 plus shipping.