800FME Brush Replacement

Created by: Lester Caine, Last modification: 15 May 2013 (14:21 UTC)

As with all modern tools, the parts are held together with torx screws, and the pair in the side of the housing need removing to slid the back case off.

You will also need to remove the side label to allow the two halves to separate.

The brushes are a lot easier to access than on the older 600W units. They are simply clipped into the side of the motor with spiral spring clips, and plug into power connectors own the side of the housing.

On worn brushes it will be a little more difficult to lift the spring off, but this can just be pulled to the side and the remains of the brush pulled out by it's cable. A pair of needle nose pliers would be useful to remove and refit the power spade.
Fitting the new brushes is just the reverse process, and obviously both sides are the same.