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Haining & Tyler Fowler Compound Ploughing Engine Two Inch Scale Scanned 63
Haining & Tyler Kitson and Hewitson Ploughing Engine Scanned 32
Haining Haining-A Three-Furrow Steerage Plough in 2 in. Scale for use behind the Ransomes Steam Tractor N/A  
Haining A Light Compound Steam Tractor at 2 in. Scale 1977 pages  
Haining A Ransomes 6 n.h.p. single cylinder Portable Engine in 2 in. scale Available  
Haining Aveling and Porter AM Available  
Haining Aveling and Porter N/A  
Haining Durham and North Yorkshire N/A  
Haining The 16 H.P. Single Cylinder Fowler Double Speed Ploughing Engine in 2 in. Scale Available  
Haining Ransomes Class A Thrasher 1926 Pattern in 2 in. scale Available  
Haining The Suffolk Steam Dredging Tractor in 3 in. scale Available  
Haining Superba Fowler Class Z7 and Superba Ploughing Engine in 2 in scale Scanned 74
Haining The Dairy Engine. a 2 in. scale model of a self-contained steam plant Available  
Haining Living Vans in 2 in. scale Available  
Haining Water Carts in 2 in. scale Available  
Haining Caradoc tractor in various sizes Available  
Various Hunslet Later pages  
L.C.Mason MINNIE The Model Engineer Traction Engine Scanned 155
J.Haining & C.R.Tyler The Fowler self-moving anchor Scanned 3
R.HClark Traction engines in detail Scanned 9
E.T.Westbury Model Steam Fire Engines Scanned 13
  Train Projects    
M.Evens Highlander 7" LMS Black Five Partial 23
  Springbok Available  
  Caledonia Available