Small LCD Backlight

Created by: Lester Caine, Last modification: 01 Feb 2015 (16:30 UTC)

The original backlit display information is on Old Small LCD Backlight as the current options require a little different treatment to use.


Looks the same as the current options, but with a few subtile differences some of which can be modified


The order of the backlight pins is reversed as supplied, but as with the larger displays, pads are available to reconfigure the connections.

The full datasheet midas16x2small is a little lacking in details such as the optional link settings, but  quick probing with the multimeter will sort out the changes needed to remove the need for external connections. Links J2 and J4 are swapped to J1 and J3 to swap the order of pins 15 and 16, while using J5 and J6 picks up the on board +5V supply. Unlike the earlier displays, this one has an internal resistor to allow the backlight to work from the 5V supply (R7 -39R). The current required by the display will also allow the use of the regulator again rather than a direct +5V supply.

Another variation is the display thickness. While the older display required the spacers to be shortened by 4mm, but the new display is only a little thicker than the non-backlit unit so is easier to fit in the small tacho case.